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Property damage claim settlement information

Our company carries out the survey of damaged property commissioned by insurance companies and other partners. The prepared claim settlement documentation as well as the calculated settlement amount is forwarded to our customers after all the required receipts and invoices arrived.


Please, report the damage to the relevant insurance company!
When reporting the damage, it is essential that you give your telephone number (a mobile telephone number, if it is possible) to the insurance company so that our claim assessment expert can make an appointment with you for the date of the survey.

The responsible insurance company will register you claim and sends an assignment in email form to Autotál Kft. for the claim assessment.

The responsible insurance company:
If you have a valid insurance contract, please, inquire about the method of reporting the damage claim at your insurance company.


The experts of Autotál Kft. contact you within 24 hours after the receipt of the claim assessment assignment in order to make arrangements for the place and date of the survey, which takes place, within 3 workdays.
We ask you to take all necessary measures to prevent further damage before the arrival of our expert but, if possible, do not make changes to the condition of the damaged items of property.
During the survey, our expert takes photos, prepares the claim assessment minutes and, informs you about any further documents required for claim settlement.


After all the documents arrived, our expert makes a settlement offer for the insurance company according to the following methods of claim settlement:
  • Calculation
    In this case our expert calculates an estimate regarding the costs of repair of the presented damage.
  • Quotation
    The itemized quotation issued by the prospective contractor shall be sent to the address given by our expert during the survey, indicating the registration number of the damage claim.
  • Invoice
    ÖNaturally, you have the possibility to present an invoice about the repairs of the damage. In this case the original invoice and its itemization issued by the contractor that carried out the repairs are to be posted according to the info under 'Quotation'.


Our expert makes a settlement offer for the insurance company after checking the quotation and the contents of the invoice in respect of quality and quantity on the basis of the conducted survey, the information recorded in the minutes and the relevant insurance terms and conditions.
The further steps of the claim settlement procedure such as determining the legitimacy of a claim, assuming the liability of payment, and the payment of the settlement amount belong to the scope of rights and responsibilities of the insurance company.
Please note that all settlement amounts calculated by our expert are for information purposes only, the insurance company may modify the amount in consideration of the valid terms and conditions of the policy as well as other circumstances (e.g.: previous damage).

The ready made claim documentation is posted to the insurance company and is also sent in electronic format. Please enqure about your payment details at the insurance company, referring to your claim reference number. (Please find the contact details of insurance companies below.)

Please indicate your request for claim assessment review at the insurance company (click here for contact details).

Documents required for claim settlement

In the case of building damage:
itemized invoice about the repairs, a quotation, a budget
invoice about the repairs of broken glass
Admission of Liability form from the party causing the seepage or leakage damage (Click here for the form)

In the case of movable property damage:
documents verifying the type and origin (original invoice of the purchase, warranty)
Itemized Property Damage Claim Form (click here to download)
at companies: an inventory, invoices of purchase, note(s) of delivery

Below you can find a list of further documents required in cases of different types of damage:

In the case of fire, explosion resulting in fire, and lightning related damages:
original fire department damage certificate

In the case of burglary, robbery, vandalism, impairment
police report or legally binding resolution

In the case of liability damage:
Admission of Liability form from the party causing the damage (click here to download)

In case further documentation is needed to the claim settlement, our expert will inform you about this during the course of inspection.

Legal notices

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Autotál and its employees are not responsible for the completeness and accuracy neither of this information nor for the losses or damage of a user or a third party resulting from their use of the Internet and the website of Autotál Kft. Autotál Kft. reserves the right to modify the contents of the website at any time.