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Motor vehicle claim assessment:

Repairs supervision (supervisory inspection)
After the completed repair work, we check whether the items on the invoice issued by the repair shop correspond to the actual repairs carried out.

CASCO survey (risk assessment survey)
Evaluation of the vehicle's condition and security level (alarm, anti-theft system, etc.)

Evaluation of the vehicle
Determining the market value of the vehicle on the basis of its trim level, mileage, number of owners, damages, etc.

Damage claim survey/assessment
Calculating an estimate for the damaged motor vehicle's costs of repair with original parts, in standard factory time and polishing.

Claim assessment review
In connection with claim assessment: documenting the damages undetectable during the first survey, only after starting the disassembly of the vehicle; modifying, supplementing the estimated costs.

Salvage vehicle market
Online auction of total loss vehicles.

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