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Motor vehicle claim settlement information


Please report the damage to the relevant insurance company!
The insurance company responsible for claim settlement:
  • is the insurance company at which you have the CASCO policy if the case involves the policy holder's liability for the damage.
  • is the insurance company at which the other party holds the mandatory liability insurance policy if the other party is liable for the damage. If this insurance company is not known, the insurance company at which you hold your own mandatory liability insurance will provide information if they receive the registration number of the car that caused the damage.
  • the insurance company handling the mandatory liability insurance of the driver who caused the accident (not the one directly colliding into your car) in the case of a multiple vehicle collision.
  • If the driver who caused the accident does not hold a liability insurance policy, please, contact MABISZ (The Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies). Contact details:
Address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 100.
Postal Address: 1364 Budapest, Pf. 236.
Phone: 06-1-318-34-73
Fax: 0-1-337-53-94
For the contact details of individual insurance companies, please select OUR PARTNERS in the menu.

We kindly ask you to indicate where the damaged motor vehicle can be inspected as well as the phone number of the person reporting the claim (preferably a mobile phone number) when reporting the damage claim.
The insurance company will register you claim and sends an assignment in email form to Autotál Kft. for the claim assessment.


The experts of Autotál Kft. contact you within 24 hours after the receipt of the claim assessment assignment in order to make arrangements for the place and date of the survey.

The claim assessment takes place under the given address, within 3 workdays, or, if your vehicle can still be driven, it is possible to present the car for inspection at the headquarters of Autotál Kft., on workdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p. m. without prior appointment. (Click here for the address of our office.)

During the claims assessment procedure you are requested to hand over the following documents required for the claim settlement to our colleague:
  • an accident report form (blue-yellow) or police report
  • a photocopy of the vehicle registration card
  • a photocopy of the driver's license (who was driving the vehicle when the accident occurred)
  • a photocopy of the vehicle registration certificate
  • in the case of companies a photocopy of the specimen signature and a written authorization for the person handling the claim are required.

Within 24 hours of the survey the expert of Autotál Kft. prepares the calculations and makes it available for the commissioning insurance company together with the photos and the minutes taken during the claim assessment.

The further steps of the claim settlement procedure such as determining the legitimacy of a claim, assuming the liability of payment, and the payment of the settlement amount belong to the scope of rights and responsibilities of the insurance company. Employees of Autotál Kft. are not capable of advising on the legitimacy of a claim.

Methods of claim settlement:
If the vehicle can be repaired economically, i.e. it is not a total loss, you can choose between the following two options:

1, claim settlement without invoices
Following the survey our expert prepares an estimate of the costs of repair.
To enquire about the calculated amount, please contact our office on the day following the claim survey. Click here for contact details
If you accept the estimate, that is you expect to be able to finance the costs of repairs, please fill in the Claim Settlement Agreement, and return it via fax, post or email.

2, claim settlement with invoices
In this case, please, hand over the risk assessment minutes or estimates prepared by our expert to the repair shop of your choice and forward the invoice issued by the repair shop to our office. (Click here for our postal address.)
Accounting the submitted invoices takes place in two workdays.

3, total loss
If the vehicle cannot be repaired economically, the evaluation of the wrecked vehicle is forwarded to the insurance company handling the claim.
In this case only the insurance companies provide information about the amount of the assessed damage. You are advised to enquire about the calculated amount one week after the assessment survey.
Contact your insurance company before selling the total loss vehicle.


The expert of Autotál Kft. makes a settlement offer for the insurance company commissioning the claim assessment, in the case of a total loss automatically; in the case of a claim settlement without invoices, on the basis of the received Claim Settlement Agreement; in the case of a claim settlement with invoices, on the basis of the received invoices.
The transfer of the settlement amount is the responsibility of the insurance company.

In certain cases your motor vehicle may have damages that are undetectable during the damage claim assessment procedure and become visible only during the disassembly of the vehicle. In such cases you or the repair shop may request for a claim assessment review.
In the case of claims handled by Aegon Biztosító and Közlekedési Biztosító Egyesület (KÖBE) please indicate your request for claim assessment review at the insurance company (click here for contact details).
In the case of all our other partners, you may submit your request for claim assessment review to Autotál Kft. via telephone, fax or email (click here for our contact details). Following the claim assessment review, our expert prepares a modified estimate.

Documents required for claim settlement

The list below contains the documents that the insurance companies need for claim settlement. Please hand over these documents to the claim assessor at your earliest convenience to accelerate the claim settlement procedure.
  • The original accident report form (blue-yellow) or the original police report
  • (If you submitted the original copies of the above documents to the insurance company when reporting the damage claim, please provide photocopies for the claim assessor.)
  • A completed Vehicle Damage Report Form (Must be completed in all cases, the accident report form is not accepted as a substitute - click here to download).
  • A photocopy of the vehicle registration card
  • A photocopy of the drivers license (except if the was in a parked position)
  • A photocopy of the vehicle registration certificate or the bank's authorization
    (In the case of a vehicle purchased with a loan, the authorization of the lender, which entitles the claimant to receive the amount of the settlement as well as the photocopy of the specimen signature of the lender. Some financing companies only issue this after being presented the claim assessment minutes, after the survey. )
  • In the case of companies the following documents are also required:
  • A photocopy of the specimen signature
    A VAT declaration
    Bank account number
    An authorization for claim settlement administration for a person handling the damage claim administration
During the survey our experts inform the clients if any further documents are required for the claim settlement.
Most frequently these documents are:
If the above documents are not available at the date of the survey, the insurance company must receive them by post, which might slow down the claim settlement procedure.

Legal notices

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Autotál and its employees are not responsible for the completeness and accuracy neither of this information nor for the losses or damage of a user or a third party resulting from their use of the Internet and the website of Autotál Kft. Autotál Kft. reserves the right to modify the contents of the website at any time.